Empire Aircraft Services, Inc.

Services Offered

Empire Aircraft Services, Inc. can perform services separately or in combination, depending on your particular need or mission. We are staffed with experienced and friendly employees to offer you quality service in the following areas.

Transient Aircraft Maintenance  Services

Empire Aircraft Services Inc. has many years experience providing transient aircraft maintenance services for a wide range of military, civilian, and foreign customers.  More than 40 different type airframes have been handled including large cargo aircraft such as C-5 , C-17 and Boeing 747 to smaller fighters, trainers, helicopters and general aviation aircraft.

  • Guide aircraft to parking with “Follow Me” vehicles
  • Marshall aircraft into the parking location
  • Chock, pin, ground and make the aircraft safe
  • Refuel/de-fuel
  • Oil, hydraulic and oxygen servicing
  • Perform pre-flight, post-flight & thru-flight inspections
  • Clear the aircraft 781 Series forms of write-ups and sign Exceptional Releases (ER)
  • Deice and snow removal
  • Glycol recovery and disposal
  • Assist the flight crew with engine start and launch checklists

Fixed and Rotary Winged Aircraft Interior & Exterior Cleaning

  • Tow the aircraft to the wash facility
  • Prepare aircraft for wash in accordance with tech data by removing or lowering panels, doors, hatches and ramps
  • Install required covers and tape/mask critical components to prevent water intrusion 
  • Wash aircraft exterior fuselage, wings, tail, engines, landing gears and wheel wells
  • Clean aircraft interior and under floor compartments by vacuuming, mopping, or wiping all walls, floors, bulkheads, latrines and galley surfaces
  • Using mobile equipment, travel to aircraft parking locations and perform minor interior cleaning between flights to include trash removal, vacuuming, mopping and wiping the galley and latrine.
  • Perform spot washes, clear water rinses and component cleaning at flight line parking locations
  • Powered and Non-Powered Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) cleaning
  • Remove required components, equipment and insulation prior to major aircraft refurbishment
  • Conduct post wash corrosion and cleanliness inspection in accordance with tech data and  required checklists; identify and document problem areas

Aircraft Lubrication

  • Post wash lubrication of landing gear, flaps, slats, rudder, ramps & flight controls in accordance with tech data and specific work cards
  • Remove access panels and perform lubrication work cards and checklists during major aircraft inspections

Aircraft Fleet Services

  • Position and remove aircraft boarding stairs
  • Vacuum, mop, wipe and/or clean galley, latrine and passenger areas
  • Drain and replenish lavatory waste water
  • Deliver drinking/potable water, coffee, in-flight meals, blankets and consumable items

Cargo & Baggage Handling

  • Palletize and weigh baggage and cargo
  • Load and offload pallets using forklifts and K-Loaders
  • Load and offload loose luggage and equipment using conveyors systems
  • Lost baggage handling to the Cargo & Baggage handling section

Passenger Services

  • Air Terminal Operations Center (ATOC)
  • Passenger booking and boarding for AMC contract flights
  • Maintain Data Records and Reports
  • Provide Pet handling
  • Collect and distribute funds to proper agency

Passenger & Flight Crew Transportation

  • Using company or government provided buses and vans, transport aircrews, passengers and distinguished visitors to and from on base or off base lodging facilities
  • Provide before and after flight aircrew transportation services

Facility Services

  • Maintain the appearance of passenger terminals, office buildings and government furnished work or storage areas
  • Vacuum, mop and/or wipe floors, walls and equipment
  • Carpet steam cleaning & spin bonneting
  • Strip, wax & buff/burnish floors
  • Clean bathrooms and maintain supplies inventory
  • Perform minor maintenance / initiate repair work orders

Aviation Bulk Fuel Storage & Maintenance

  • Operate & maintain bulk fuel storage facilities
  • Provide fuel laboratory analysis to include quality/quantity determination
  • Product storage, receipts
  • Inventory, accounting and administration

Aircraft Along-Side Refueling

  • Operate fuel dispatch and coordination center
  • Load vehicles and deliver aviation fuel to the aircraft
  • Operate fuel vehicle controls and pump fuel onto aircraft

Glycol Recovery Services

  • Using Glycol recovery vehicle extract glycol from parking ramp after deicing process
  • Safely dispose Glycol in approved storage tanks
  • Process Glycol for recycling

Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Maintenance

  • Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on assigned powered & non powered AGE
  • Service AGE equipment
  • Perform pickup and delivery of AGE equipment

All services provided are done within strict compliance of local, state, federal and military directives, laws and checklist. EASI administers an internal quality control plan for all services provided through the use of self inspection checklist, customer feedback forms and supervisor follow up inspections to ensure all work is done within the statement of work/contract.